The Importance of Water

July 9, 2014 § Leave a comment

Staying properly hydrated is one of the simplest and effective ways to protect your heart.
It is especially important to stay well hydrated in the summer heat. But not all bodies are created equal and therefore the amount of water needed varies. One important tell-tale sign is the color of our urine.  Drink enough water to keep urine light in color.  Darker urine is an indication of dehydration.  Another sign of dehydration is your weight.  After using the bathroom in the morning, weigh yourself. If you’re 2 pounds less than normal (and not trying to lose weight), you’re more than likely dehydrated. Drink water before doing anything else.

When temperature and humidity are both above 70, we enter a dehydration danger zone. Sip on water frequently and be sure to drink before, during and after activity

Eliminate so-called “energy drinks” as they contain large amounts of sugars and stimulants that can be dangerous.  Drink coffee and regular tea in moderation as they are dehydrating. When you drink coffee and tea, increase your water intake to counter their dehydrating effects.   Here’s to enjoying summer!


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